A Break from the Zoom - Using a Students Home Environment to Teach Forensic Science Interpretation during the Covid-19 pandemic



  • Helen Tidy Teesside University
  • Ian Parker Teesside University


Covid-19, interpretation of forensic evidence, laboratory practical, home environment


The rapid move to online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic has created the need for academics to rapidly develop new and innovative ways to deliver practical content. The vast majority of laboratory sessions were moved to online simulations, but these are not necessarily suitable for the teaching of the interpretation of forensic evidence and can increase a students exposure to digital devices enhancing “Zoom Fatigue”.


An alternative suggestion to using online simulated laboratory practical’s is to utilise the students home environment in creating datasets which then lend themselves to understanding the intricacies of forensic interpretation of evidence types. These practials involve little or no resources on the part of the student and allow them to explore, investigate and observe. Student feedback showed these type of remote laboratory session to be a welcome break from the digital device and allow for greater and more prolonged understanding of how to interpret forensic evidence.






Activity or Laboratory Experiment: College Educators