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Kelly M. Elkins , Towson University

Kelly Elkins, Ph.D. is the author and editor of several books including Introduction to Forensic Chemistry, Forensic DNA Biology: A Laboratory Manual, Next Generation Sequencing in Forensic Science: A Primer, International Ethics in Chemistry: Developing Common Values Across Cultures, Trends in Counterfeit Drugs, and NGS Technology in DNA Analysis. Dr. Elkins is a Professor of Chemistry at Towson University and the author more than 55 papers and invited book chapters on her research. Her work has been published the Journal of Forensic Sciences, Analytical Biochemistry, Drug Testing and Analysis, and Medicine, Science and the Law. She has taught courses in forensic chemistry and forensic biology under various course numbers at four colleges and universities since 2006. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, a member of the American Chemical Society, and a member of the Council of Forensic Science Educators and served as its President in 2012. She consults on forensic cases.